The book of the mimicry of the living

A note on images and copyright

When I put this together in my bedroom I was just writing for me, expecting no one but my parents and a few close nerdy friends to read it. As a result I wasn’t thinking about copyright infringement and the citing of images. I was under the impression that ‘fair-use’ would cover my ass. Then things got out of hand and then suddenly people wanted to pay me to write for them (on other sites, I have never been paid for the articles I post here). This taught me so much, and one of which is the importance of citing images. I’ve not done that properly until now.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be going back and attempting to bring my work up to legal compliance. Similarly, when this site migrates to it’s own domain I will be working to a much higher standard.

If you find your work here in the between time, please accept my apologies. If you get in touch it will be immediately removed.



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