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10k views! Level Up! – New Website Unlocked

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10,000 views. Note bad for a blog run out of my bedroom.


I actually hit 10,000 views at the end of May, which was the same time you last heard from me on this site. That’s because I was busy getting this ready:, It’s a thing now.

So The Biomimicron is moving. We’ll, technically already has. Consider this an invitation to my house warming. I’ve spent the last few months sorting it out.  As you can see I redecorated. I’ve also put some new paint on my exterior walls – Facebook, Twitter and tumblr. However, the work hasn’t just been cosmetic.

As well as unloading all the old content to the new place, I’ve also made some new furniture over the summer.  The material a mantis shrimp’s claw is made out of has some amazing properties, and keen biomimicrists may have noticed that this Prize Winning design actually has nothing to do with biomimicry. I’ve documented some of my summer adventures too, like this trip to the Dyffryn Gardens Bonsai Show. Of course, science doesn’t have a summer holiday, so I did have a look at Scientists for Global Responsibilities new report on Fracking in the UK, and the results of NASA’s LROC misssion to map the moon and identify areas for future colonisation, and all that is only the highlights.

I won’t be visiting this old place too much, but I’ll definitely keep it ticking over. There’s too many fond memories to close the doors for good. However, this is supposed to be a party! Please come in and have a look around. Make yourself at home. Please remember to use the links on the right to keep up to date with all the new material through facebook and twitter. If you aren’t a social media fan you can always bookmark  the site, and subscribe to the NEW mailing list to keep in touch. I don’t want to loose any of you just because of a change in address ;p


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Data Science, Environmental Science, Making and Music

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