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An Idiots Guide to Bonsai Shows – Dyffryn Gardens Bonsai Show 2014 Picture Diary


The mystique of Bonsai is very difficult to dispel. Having been involved in bonsai as a hobbyist and professionally since 2011, I’ve regularly been called upon to try and crack through the public perception as a mystic, secretive and sometimes even cruel practice.Dyffryn Gardens 2014 - Table full

The absolute truth of Bonsai is that it is not mystic at all. Good bonsai practice is in fact a strongly technical form of horticulture combined with a sharp eye for natural aesthetics. As such there is nothing ‘cruel’ about it. Unless you are of the view that pruning rose bushes and keeping potted plants is in-itself immoral, all the objections I’ve encountered have stemmed from misunderstanding and here-say.

And secretive? Please. My friends know that if you start me off on ‘those tiny trees’ it’ll take more than a few rolled eyes and suggestive yawns to stop me, and that’s typical. If you’re into bonsai, it’s a rare practitioner who doesn’t want to share.

So, I present my Idiots Guide to bonsai. If you can’t tell your sekisuki from your literati, or never realised that you could bonsai a good old British Oak, get ready to take your first steps into a smaller world.


Author: davergp

Environmental Geoscience BSc. Environmental Design of Buildings MSc. Bonsai Hobbyist, Woodland Enthusiast, Environ-mentalist.

3 thoughts on “An Idiots Guide to Bonsai Shows – Dyffryn Gardens Bonsai Show 2014 Picture Diary

  1. Thanks Dave, that’s fantastic.
    Lovely writing and also the pictures.

  2. Lovely Site, I missed the show this year, it was really nice to see in such clarity on a easy to use site well done, a fab turn out. Well done Paul for the Crataegus It’s a stunner. I’ve got a nice goats year willow in a bucket to swap you for it.


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