The book of the mimicry of the living

Looks good on paper

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DISGUISED as employees of a gas company, a team of policemen burst into a flat in Beijing on September 1st. Two suspects inside panicked and tossed a plastic bag…

David Parr‘s insight:

I’ve previously written about issues in the way that Academic Journals force Universities into producing research and not supporting teaching: 
It’s a source of constant curiosity how in this era of ‘Big Data’ and technological development that the inertia of the ‘old ways’ has created organsiational structures that can just be outright expolited by knowledgable individuals with more developed means of working.
Aaron Swartzs death at the start of the year and this recent discovery should have proved to Academic/Journal industry that they need to seriously re-evaluate thier process.

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Environmental Geoscience BSc. Environmental Design of Buildings MSc. Bonsai Hobbyist, Woodland Enthusiast, Environ-mentalist.

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