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Ecobuild Day 2: Changing work habits and new materials

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Ecobuild 2013 is over and it was great, made a tonne of great contacts and possibly made a small reputation for being ‘that guy who asks the questions’…

Day 2 had a great talk by Philip Tidd on how work is an increasingly mobile affair, and that a truly environmental office will reflect this, finding things to fill the 60% of the time an office space may be empty, and designing flexible office spaces to embrace the fluid nature of out of office work. Some of the basics of his observations and predictions can be found in this geekily titled article.

The friendly guys at the B.C. Shake and Shingle Association gave me a nice cedar shingle, which apparently provides enough insulation without any added layers/materials to perform during a Canadian winter…


The day finished up with a panel on future materials. This was one of the most outright interesting seminars I saw this week. Some designers, an engineer and a materials scientist discussing emerging and future trends in both the materials themselves, as well as sourcing and novel applications. 2 of the 4 presenters explicitly mentioned biomimicry, though in the strictest sense of the word were talking about bioutilisation. They presented items which were physically grown from plants trained into specific shapes. This practice is interesting certainly, and something I hope really develops, but also highlights an interesting disconnect between those in practice and those in academia. I asked them about their information sources and access to current research, and they all lamented what they also perceived as an academic system which produces lots of very interesting work, but does not encourage it’s dissemination. Chris Wise of Expedition Engineering very deftly touched on this during his part in the presentation, as well as the tendency of engineers to ignore the positive emotional component/opportunity of their work. The information disconnect is a problem which I’ve been looking at in close detail recently, and something I plan on working more constructively on in the near future…

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