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The 5 Great Biomimicry Applications Series – Plants 3


Just like yesterday, have a look at my clue below, and suggest any biomimicry applications you can think of in the comments section. I’ll keep all answers private until after I post the answer this evening!

Tumble weed

Many families are having trouble getting their kids outta the family place, but imagine how much more difficult it would be if they were physically rooted to the spot? Well, to help to get their kids on the road, tumble weeds detach from the root base on maturity and head off with the wind, depositing the kids on the way.

Leave your answers in the comments! The prepared answers I have are pretty cutting edge, but lets see what you come up with…

Inspired Product 1 – Mine sweeper

In practice, Massoud would want to be NO WHERE NEAR his invention

While Massoud took inspiration from losing his childhood toys in Afghanistan’s minefields, his toys were probably inspired themselves by this wind driven plant. He used that experience to develop his graduation project Mine Kafon, a large ball of bamboo and heavy plates which blows around an area to  set off any explosives with minimal equipment cost and zero human risk.

Inspired Product 2 – Mars Rover

The same function has been proposed as a low energy design for a Mars Rover. Once Curiosity has run its course, it’s easy to imagine another project kitting out these bubbles with a few cheap electronics and letting them wander the red planet. Sure, just having one would provide questionable data, but acting as a swarm, the gathered information could be hugely useful.

Of course once a prison is founded on mars, the biomimicry template is revived in the inhuman design of the sentry system…

David Cleaton located Massouds Mine sweeper, and Iknownoscience proposed an interesting idea for seed sowing. I imagine it might look like a bigger version of this popular pets toy except with the seeds growing rather than being eaten by a hamster.

New clue tomorrow, this time architectural….

Author: davergp

Environmental Geoscience BSc. Environmental Design of Buildings MSc. Bonsai Hobbyist, Woodland Enthusiast, Environ-mentalist.

7 thoughts on “The 5 Great Biomimicry Applications Series – Plants 3

  1. Oddly enough after giving up trying to think of a tumble weed inspired device I was browsing the internet when I found a post about a land mine clearing device, inspired by the tumble weed.
    Not relay my own idea I know, but its the best I’ve got so I’m going to use it!

  2. Planes? Tractors? Things capable of scattering other things about?

  3. Gah, I was too late. Not that I had the answer, was going to suggest some vertical axis turbine designs.

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