The book of the mimicry of the living

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10k views! Level Up! – New Website Unlocked

10,000 views. Note bad for a blog run out of my bedroom.


I actually hit 10,000 views at the end of May, which was the same time you last heard from me on this site. That’s because I was busy getting this ready:, It’s a thing now.

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Seven FREAKIN’ Days to make Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways a Tron like FREAKIN’ reality

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways.

Roads, that are solar panels. They are photo-voltaic panels that turn your morning commute into the closest you’ll ever get to a Tron Light-Cycle Race.

Downtown Sandpoint by Sam Cornett

Downtown Sandpoint by Sam Cornett

“That’s just a pic with Photoshop editing. Stop wasting my time with artists renditions” you say. Maybe you’re an important business man with a place to be. Or just an insufferable dick.

They exist.

Fo’ realsies.

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Just found out that The Green Building Press are also promoting my story on Exploration Architecture and their 5 Biomimetic Buildings.

Click below for their piece and right here for the original.

The Green Building Press also publish The Green Building Magazine as well as curate GreenPro a sustainable building products database

The story I published last month for Friends of the Earth has been picked up by what looks like a fascinating new website called Factor, which focuses on innovation and technology stories that will make a big impact on our planet.

Click below to see their version of the story, and here to see the original.

They also have a load of other great stories on there, from electric cars that refuel as you drive to getting your own Star-Wars style speeder bike by 2017!

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Read this email exchange in which a local resident takes apart UKIP

Lovely back and forth. Respectful, reasoned with a glorious finish.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Here’s a recent email exchange between a local resident of Weymouth in Dorset Jason West and his local UKIP representative.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory:

school places UKIP 1

school places UKIP 2school places UKIP 3school places UKIP 4school places UKIP 5

Please feel free to comment. And please share. Thank you.


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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An engaging reality, though disapointingly a little simplistic. My hope was for something dark and gritty, with a deep sense of what had created the train and the multi-varied pressures shaping it’s inhabitants.

What in fact I found was a strong central concept, but something that felt shallow and weakly fleshed out. Bordering on a film noir-ish setting, the adventure ‘up to first class’ was suitably break neck, though the constant drum banging about ‘the first class suppressing the second and third’ wore very thin only a quarter of the way into the book.

That said, volume two promises to be ‘outside the train’, and I look forward to seeing the film, if only for the atmosphere and my own sense of closure 🙂

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The humble oyster has been a talking point in biomimicry for years and earlier this year inspired research on creating stronger glass. Now nacre, the shell-material that protects the soft body of the oyster, is getting even more attention as a transparent material that in the future could even survive multiple gun-shots.

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As this site approaches the 10k views mark, my second piece for Friends of the Earth is published. As I alluded to before, I had a field trip in March, the fruit of which is this beautiful thing. Click here to read the whole thing.

So, ALMOST 10k! Since opening this site in October 2012, and seeing my story about the termite inspired Eastgate Centre in Harare shoot to the top of the Googles and into other publications too I’ve learnt insane amounts about writing, blogging. How the internet works and how I work. And so WHEN we hit 10k, I’m going to show you all something new. Something harder, better, stronger, faster. #levelup Get sharing guys!

UPDATE 30/04/2014: You can now VOTE on which of the 5 designs you like the best. At the time of update, the results looked like this. Read the article on Friends of the Earths Big Ideas site and vote for your favorite at the bottom of the article.

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Bottle tower gardening: how to start ? (Willem Van Cotthem)

This is really neat. Practical, well designed planters out of reused plastic containers.


Together with my friend Gilbert VAN DAMME (Zaffelare, Belgium) I have set up some successful experiments with vertical gardening in “container towers”.

We are using all kinds of recycled containers, e.g. plastic bottles, pots, buckets.  The containers are stacked into “towers”.

Today, I will describe the way how to start a “bottle tower”, illustrating the different steps with some photos:

2011-09-07 – Step 13 : A bottle No. 6 will be used as a watertank on top of the funnel (Bottle No. 5). Therefore, a small (1 mm) perforation of the lid is made (here with a drill) (Photo WVC)
2011-09-07 – Step 14 : Bottle no. 6 is the top bottle, used as a watertank, water running slowly through this small hole (Photo WVC)
2011-09-07 – Step 15 : Watertank bottle No. 6 is pushed into bottle No. 5, the funnel (Photo WVC)

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On the grind…

Just on my way back from London. Got some fantastic new material from Exploration Architecture, and dropped in to see my Friends of the Earth at thier  new offices too. Gonna spend my journey writing it up, in the mean time a few teaser shots…


We have a seriously wierd skyline


Exploration Architecture putting on a show

And a tour of Friends of the Earths new London club house will be coming out too…